Banking and Finance

  • We provide extensive financial legal services to banks, insurance companies, other lending organisations and individuals in the negotiations and preparations of documentations for both secured and non secured financing.
  • We assist the lenders in recoveries through litigation as well as out-of court settlements and restructurings
  • We also represent public and private borrowers in accessing secured and non secured financing
  • We offer both transactional and advisory services to our clients on a pragmatic and results – based approach
  • We have extensive practice in asset finance practises including asset leasing, structural finance, debt financing, sale leaseholds, lease – leaseholds, etc.
  • We represent clients dealing with divergent classes of assets including those in the automotive sector, manufacturing and industrial plants and the modern general office equipment.
  • Our clients include both lessees and lessors, corporate investors, manufacturers, simple buyers and sellers and government institutions