We embrace Professionalism in all our relationships; keep our promises, remain reliable, honour deadlines and provide high quality services to our clients.

We embrace Creativity, remain Curious, Innovative and Enterprising; we are committed to make a difference. Always open to new ideas and to try new things to ensure growth and improvement.

We embrace Integrity, Honesty and open Communication; we must remain accountable to each other and to our clients.

We embrace Respect, Compassion and Fairness; everyone person we meet deserves to be treated with respect, compassion and fairness irrespective of their personal or social or professional background.


We are Client Centric and strive to give the best to our clients always. We aim to deliver results and nurture the Resourcefulness of the team

We believe in Teamwork and Empowerment of our team. We are committed to training, we encourage learning, personal growth and improvement. We promote tolerance, support for one other and always work towards a common purpose. We encourage one another to ensure everyone is involved. We are a Community.

To create and maintain a Relaxed and Productive environment in our office. To promote a Positive outlook in the work place, to be approachable and embrace an open door policy. We encourage and strive for a healthy work-life integration.

To pursue and nurture innovative ideas. We endeavour to find new and better ways of doing business. To shun complacency and constantly work on self-improvement.


To transform legal business and legal service delivery in Kenya


  1. To be the leader in changing how legal business is done in Kenya
  2. To embrace technology fully in all our operations
  3. To provide innovative legal solutions with a personal touch
  4. To embrace diversification of legal services under one roof, comprising of traditional and emergent markets so as to deliver unmatched legal services to all.


Providing innovative solutions since 1993.